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Something stirs in the Beyond. A creature Death once banished is clawing its way skyward in search of the last mortal sharing its ancient bloodline. The beast will stop at nothing, raising all manner of horrors, even the Four Horsemen themselves, for the sole purpose of finding and destroying one girl. Verenna.

Nothing in the Canterford girl’s comfortable life could have prepared her to navigate the dangers she faces. Armed with only a fiery temper and a quick mind, Verenna is no match for the powers of the Underworld. That is, until she becomes an unwilling guest to a company of outcasts who claim they can help. But the group may have a dark secret of their own…

It will be nearly impossible to survive in a world where every shadow wants to collect the price on her head. Even the nature of her guardians may put her life at risk. Nevertheless, Verenna must put her trust in herself and the word of her new found traveling companions to stop the ride of the Horsemen before the world plummets into demonic chaos. If she doesn’t unseat the riders in time, all Hell will come bubbling up.

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