Book II Released

Book two of The Soulfire Series is out.

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NightBound5 (2) (1)The Horsemen grow stronger by the day. Evil stalks the woods in the form of man and beast. An insidious presence seeps through the countryside, infecting town after town with a soul-consuming disease…and it’s up to Verenna to stop it.

Far from the life she knew, and with hardly a clue about battling the Underworld, the girl must accept her place at the center of a prophecy if she wants to see her home again.

She and her companions must form unlikely alliances, pitting new and old friendships against ancient enemies bent on their destruction. Forces strong enough to consume immortals awaken hungry for a fight. All the while, creatures from the dark edges of imagination hunt them at the bidding of a nightmarish entity called Gawshire.

Verenna will need wit, courage, and the stirrings of a dangerous power she never asked for to face her greatest challenge yet. But as certain allies prove unreliable, how will she fare when forced to fight alone?

Against foes like these, no one is safe.

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