The Final Book of the Trilogy Has Arrived!

The third and final book of the Soulfire Series

has launched!


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Wake-of-War-Cover-OnlyRGB  The Queen of the Underworld is poised to take control of the mortal plane. Famine and Disease ravage the land, carving a path of unrest to make way for War’s final ride and the Queen’s ascent to power. With the ever-rising death toll feeding her demonic armies it seems that Hell and Earth are fated to fuze. Verenna and her companions must work fast to stop it. That is, if they can find her. 

With only vague recollections of her past, Verenna awakes in a strange city, caged, alone, and on trial for a string of bloody killings she did not commit. But escape does not promise safety. Every creature for miles is looking for her, human and otherwise. She and her friends must trust the hospitality of strangers to keep ahead of those who hunt them. Though for some, betrayal may bring rewards too sweet to resist.

In order to stave off the impending war to the north they must piece together the final instructions of an age-old prophecy. A task made all the more difficult as old enemies surface to challenge them. With time running out, there is no room for error.

If the Queen rises there will be nothing left to save.

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